Our Team

Fariba Taheri
Fariba received a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the Institut Superieur des Carrieres Auxilliaires de la Medecine (I.S.C.A.M) in Brussels. During her 30 years of professional work, she has been committed to continuous education. She has taken several post graduate courses in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and University of Toronto. She is a certified Bobath therapists for both adults with neurological disorders and children with cerebral palsy. Fariba received the Schroth training as part of the curriculum at her school in Belgium. In 2008, she obtained a new certification on Schroth Method for conservative management of scoliosis in Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic in Bad Sobernheim, Germany. In 2012, she organized Schroth Best Practice course in North America; she received the training from Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss to become a certified instructor for the Schroth Best-Practice program.

Fariba has presented her work on scoliosis in several opportunities such as at the first Scoliologic workshop and Advance Scoliosis Management Symposium at Isfahan University and Schroth Best Practice training for health care providers in Dubai. Fariba has been actively collaborating with the University of Toronto as an instructor at the Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences. She has been a recipient of several teaching awards, recognition award for inter-professional education. She has been nominated for the Patient Centered Care award at Toronto General Hospital. She has been part of a focus group at University of Toronto to improve the PT curriculum and has been collaborating to establish and implement a new curriculum for conservative management of scoliosis.

Fariba also works as a physiotherapist at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in the outpatient Spinal Cord and Brain Program.

Azita Tayyeba
Azita is based in Thornhill. Azita has been a practicing physiotherapist since 1991 and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2016. She has extensive post graduate education in physiotherapy. Azita is a Certified McKenzie Therapist (MDT) and frequently employs these evidence based techniques in assessment and treatment of clients suffering from acute and chronic neck and back pain conditions. In addition, she is a certified Bobath Therapist and applies Neurodevelopmental training Techniques (NDT) in assessment and treatment of clients with neurological conditions such as CVA (stroke), Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and brain injury. She is also an ADP authorizer and assists her patients in need of mobility aids to secure funding from OHIP. With over 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist, Azita has developed special interest in orthopedic & neurological physiotherapy. Azita has an active lifestyle and enjoys playing tennis, hiking, biking, swimming and practicing yoga. She gives back to her community by volunteering her time & expertise in health care education and cultural events.

  • Registered with College of Physiotherapists of Ontario
  • Member of Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Member of CPA neurological division

Member of McKenzie Institute Canada

Beth Klinck
Beth completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy at McGill University. She joins us with over 30 years of experience treating conditions ranging from sports injuries, sprains/strains and overuse injuries, to pre/post operative rehabilitation, to management of arthritic conditions, including neck and back pain and dysfunction, to TMJ and vestibular (dizziness and balance) issues. Beth’s approach to treatment is client centered, individualized, and evidence based. As a manual therapist, her orthopaedic treatment sessions incorporate joint mobilization and soft tissue release with active exercises and self management strategies. Education on postural and biomechanical awareness, core stabilization, progression and return to the previous levels of activity, and prevention of recurrence or further injury are also essential components of treatment.

At CSNC, Beth has been working closely with Fariba Taheri in applying the Schroth Method of conservative management of individuals with scoliosis as well as in the Intensive Rehab group sessions for both adults and children.

Committed to excellence and lifelong learning, Beth has and continues to remain current with numerous professional development courses, physiotherapy student teaching and mentoring, as well as teaching medical students at the University of Toronto. Beth has guest lectured at the
University of Toronto and McMaster University.

Beth enjoys an active lifestyle which incorporates many of her values regarding maintaining and promoting good health. She plays soccer, enjoys hiking and participates in Pilates on a regular

Celine Nathoo
Celine received her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. Prior to studying at UofT, Celine received her Honours Bachelors of Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa. Growing up, Celine was a competitive synchronized skater and played soccer recreationally and has first hand experience of the impact physiotherapy can have on quality of life. Celine has a keen interest in neurological rehabilitation following stroke and brain injury. As well, Celine is interested in learning the Schroth method and working with clients with scoliosis. Having done the Schroth method to manage her own scoliosis, Celine knows how well it works and how beneficial it is.

Celine is a strong proponent for continuing education and has taken the Introduction to Bobath course and completed the Level 1 FCAMPT exam. Celine plans on pursuing more courses in the area of neurological rehabilitation and becoming Schroth certified. As well, Celine hopes to remain affiliated with the University of Toronto by volunteering in labs and taking student placements.