As of June 2020, physiotherapy clinics received Public Health directives for a careful and gradual re opening.
We are happy to announce that our clinic is now open.  We look forward to returning to a cautiously orchestrated “new normal” which will include all the recommended health measures by our government and professional colleges and associations. At this point of time Virtual Rehabilitation will still remain our preferred method of providing services and we will continue to provide virtual sessions for patients who are interested and can benefit from it. 

As we return to provide services to our clients, the followings new procedures and protocols are intended to keep our patients, staff and visitors safe:

  1. Pre-appointment Health Screening Questionnaire: There will be a screening questionnaire at the time of booking an appointment over the phone as well as one when you arrive at the clinic. If you have symptoms, we will have to cancel and reschedule your appointment
  2. Appointments will be scheduled further apart to allow for physical distancing between clients. Also to minimize exposure, we will ask you to call the clinic upon your arrival and our assistant will advise you when you can safely enter the clinic
  3. Unless you require caregiver assistance or you are parents to young children, it is preferable you attend your appointment unaccompanied. This can be discussed on individual basis during telephone screen. Individuals who are accompanying patients, but are not participating in the service, such as those providing transportation to patients or other family members should be asked to wait elsewhere and return to meet the patient after the appointment is scheduled to end
  4. Regular hand washing is one of the most effective ways to keep the virus at bay. Hand sanitizer will be provided to be applied upon entering the clinic. Hand sanitizers are also in the washrooms and in the hallway beside the elevators
  5.  We use professional grade disinfecting protocols after every client 
  6. All staff will be screened daily and will be wearing the recommended personal protective equipment
  7. All clients and those accompanying them will be required to wear a well-fitting surgical or cloth mask. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one at no cost
  8. Markers on the floor and the furniture set up will help you to maintain the required two meter distance at all time
  9. Payments will continue to be through preferably e-transfer, otherwise cash or cheque. Receipts will be issued electronically.

We look forward to seeing you soon.